Attorneys For Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection is an important aim of estate planning. Unfortunately, not all estate plans are effective in protecting assets. For example, simply putting assets in a living revocable trust does not protect those assets from creditors or medical assistance.

The attorneys of Chandler and Brown, Ltd., have the experience to protect your assets from issues such as creditors, lawsuit judgments, business failure, disability, bankruptcy and divorce. Our law office is in St. Paul, and our lawyers advise families and business owners in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Call us at 651-964-6087 for a free initial consultation about asset protection.

Protecting Your Property And Your Beneficiaries

Without asset protection planning, the wealth you built up over a lifetime could be lost to issues like lawsuits, disability or bankruptcy. Our attorneys can help you explore ways to protect your wealth and your legacy.

Examples of asset protection strategies include:

  • Use of irrevocable trusts to protect assets from creditor claims and lawsuits
  • Use of prenuptial agreements to protect you and your children from claims from new spouses or their children
  • Use of limited liability companies and other business entities to protect personal assets from lawsuits against a business or commercial property
  • Use of discretionary trusts to protect the wealth you transfer to beneficiaries
  • Use of irrevocable life insurance trusts to minimize taxation
  • Use of powers of attorney to ensure that a trusted person can make decisions for you if you are incapacitated

Laws change and the estate plan you have in place may no longer be effective in protecting your assets. Our attorneys can review your existing plan and advise you on its effectiveness free of charge.

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