Attorneys For Probate And Trust Litigation

The stakes can be high both financially and emotionally in probate and trust litigation. The attorneys at Chandler and Brown, Ltd., will work diligently to protect your interests and the interests of those you love.

To discuss your probate or trust concerns with an attorney, call us at 651-964-6087 for a free initial consultation. Our law office is in St. Paul, and our lawyers serve clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Our lawyers represent special administrators, trustees, personal representatives, beneficiaries, heirs and fiduciaries in all types of probate and trust disputes, including:

  • Will contests. A number of grounds, including undue influence and incapacity, may result in a will being declared invalid by a probate court.
  • Fiduciary removal proceedings. When a personal representative, trustee, guardian or agent under power of attorney abuses that position, we can seek removal of that fiduciary. We also defend fiduciaries.
  • Creditor claims. Our attorneys represent both the estate in disputes over claims against the estate.
  • Beneficiary disputes. We represent personal representative and beneficiaries when there are accusations of self-dealing, theft and misappropriation involving the estate.
  • Trustee litigation. We represent both trustees and beneficiaries in disputes involving the administration of a trust.

Our lawyers will guide you through every step of the litigation process, from determining your potential claims to mediation and other types of alternative dispute resolution to trial. A properly thought out trial strategy considers all possible outcomes and explores all avenues of resolution, while at the same time preparing to go to trial.

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To discuss your probate or trust dispute with a lawyer at our firm, call us at 651-964-6087. You can also reach our office online.